Penguin Humidifier


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They don’t get much cuter than the Penguin Diffuser! His little tummy lights up with a soft glow as he releases an ultrafine mist of water and essential oils to humidify and fragrance the air. Built-in safety shut off will turn him off if the water level drops below the recommended amount.


Perfect for kids bedrooms, the Penguin is a gentle nightlight and sleep aid in one. So easy to use, just fill with water and add 2-3 drops of pure essential oil. Don’t use toxic chemical fragrances, experience the therapeutic benefits of essential oils for relaxation and health!


The Penguin uses a USB cable and can be connected to a battery pack, charger cable, or laptop, making it easy to travel with.


Ultrasonic microporous atomization technology out of the fog and more exquisite, moist more thoroughly, effectively blocking dry electrostatic printing, reduce the harm of radiation on the body, keep the water embellish skin luster, 400 ml super capacity, meet day dosage, high transparent water tank, can observe the water level, food grade environmental protection material, PET food grade material non-toxic environmental protection, at the bottom of the design is unique, multi-angle, lovely smiling face switch, used to add interest for you, click on the spray, according to one where the fog, according to two seconds to turn on the light, bright light delay 5 seconds white light, colorful lights for 5 seconds after the transformation, long press the set colors, long press to turn off the lights, a variety of power supply mode, general USB power cord, convenient and practical, computer power supply, dc power supply, mobile power supply spray time 6 hours, spray water tank capacity can be 10 hours, for the sake of your machine service life is longer, recommend the use of mineral water, then add essential oils is not recommended

Material: ABS+PP+silicone+AS

Product size: 7.6*8.5*12.4cm

Product packaging: 7.8*8.8*12.8cm

Single net weight/gross weight: 150/200g

Style/color: black, green, blue, pink

Input voltage: DC5V

Working current: 540MA

Power consumption: 2.7W

Water bottle capacity: 150ML

Spray volume: 30ML/H

Use time: about 4 hours

Standard product configuration: a penguin humidifier, a sponge stick, a data cable, a Chinese manual, and an English manual

Additional information

Weight 0,19 kg
Dimensions 85 × 95 × 155 cm

Blue, Green, Pink


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