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◊ simple and novel appearance, wide applicable people.

◊ humanized design, easy operation, use more convenient.

◊ volume small, the difference between weight loss products in the past.

◊ 6 kinds of working mode, a magnitude 8 energy speed regulation.

◊ with timing function, easy to use.

* note that it must be used against the skin when using, and it is normal to feel slight electric shock when using.

This belt is very easy to use. It has three control buttons and a timer that automatically turns off when used for more than ten minutes.


1, first take a battery into (+ pole up)

2, connect the massage belt, and then the massage belt on the desired area

3. Press ON/HI once and the indicator light will be ON. Then press the MODE button to select the required working MODE. Press ON/HI again to adjust the intensity (please note: each time you press this button, the intensity will increase more. The intensity should be increased slowly, otherwise it will be uncomfortable). Press OFF/DEC when you need to turn OFF or reduce the power.

4, a place to use about 10 minutes a day is appropriate, the machine has automatic stop function, so do not worry about the machine for a long time unlimited work.

5. Take out the battery when not in use

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