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L15 smart bracelet watch


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Applicable people: children, business people, fashionable adults, seniors

Screen size: 1.3 inches

Interface: magnetic

Camera: None

Body memory: RAM: 128KB, ROM: 128KB+

Screen material: alloy case, strengthened mineral glass mirror, plastic

Wearing method: wrist strap


Additional information

Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 150 × 50 × 50 cm

Balck, Red

99 reviews for L15 smart bracelet watch

  1. P***m

    Goods received very fast and produced excellent

  2. C***o

    Bought the L5, L8, L9, L11 now L15.. With the same seller excellent product, battery long lasting, swim pool, faceswatch beautiful.. Thank you.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  3. M***n

    Watch fire! To Syzran the Samara region It's been two weeks. There are no complaints about quality, I did not communicate with the seller. Shop and seller recommend!
    no remark

  4. C***e

    Excellent purchase!!!

  5. A***E

    Great at this price
    no remark

  6. E***s

    Nice watch. Recommend.

  7. Y***v

    Fastest delivery, 8 days to Mo. The clock itself is cool, but slightly brake, with its task to cope, for such money is very good

  8. M***g

    Fast Delivery.. about 1 week to arrive in Singapore. yet to try out but looks good and light.

  9. K***v

    The clock is cool, everything works. The app started.

  10. J***z

    As they publish it

  11. I***g

    I’ve not tested the watch but it finally arrived. Thank you!
    no remark

  12. S***V

    Like visually everything is perfectly infected by 25,% were the seller of the well quickly sent and up to Chelyabinsk less than a month …..
    no remarkno remark

  13. M***l

    Good watch for it's money. Not bad quality. In Romania in 35 days. I didn't paid aditional taxes for this.
    I didn't discussed with seller.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  14. C***o

    The order and delivery very fast, not like other sellers, phenomenal seller. The watch is nice, good quality, at first it costs you a little to sync, but in the end it synced. The apps are fine and in Spanish by downloading from the Google Store. The watch comes with brochure in English and Chinese but easy to understand. You can choose different Dial s from the watch and also choose the photo you want from the mobile and put it as a sphere. He already had an L5 watch and this one beats him. Good seller and match your website. I'll test him for a few days and comment later.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  15. K***k

    OK. Very nice. Super look.

  16. A***c


  17. L***z

    That's what was expected.
    no remarkno remark

  18. I***s

    Thank you, this is good

  19. C***o

    Very perfect !!!! Shipping ultra speed. Happy

  20. W***o

    Rope to pick up the go to these days as coming out smartwatch as compared with a bit dull. please look high thick knitting is. Price contrast quality is very high, function also dry, comfortable.
    no remarkno remark

  21. D***y

    Shipment dotarła after 14 days. Goods consistent with the description. Recommend this seller.

  22. T***z

    Look nice. good quality.
    Everythink working as described.

  23. M***j

    exellent very nice

  24. J***z


  25. G***z

    Excellent service was delivered in 15 days, Tampico, Mexico. Arrived very good packed in your box with your manual charging cable and your screen protector, it was tested for a week and works very well all its excellent apps and app, good material and its top quality screen an excellent purchase
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  26. C***s

    Very good fast delivery
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  27. V***y

    Watch got! The clock turned on, work, but did not immediately end. Connected only after several on-off, reboot. Everything has earned!!! Dials are different, installed from the application! The seller is reliable, not "kidalo"! Recommend!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  28. Z***a

    Smartwatch ok. For this money it pays to buy. Rather, it is intended for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. For me it will be used for hiking. It may be, but it could have more functions.

  29. G***s


  30. H***h

    Very good partner. Thank you professional job.

  31. R***k

    Super smartwatch, here has the manufacturers self surpassed. I have already three such smartwatch L15 bought itself I also A. This is now the fourth smartwatch. What I like most is the battery power of this watch. My smartwatch running already 22 days with permanent set monitoring, and I still have 30% battery!
    People that is the absolute hammer!!!
    Absolute recommended buy
    no remark

  32. R***k

    Super smartwatch, here has the manufacturers self surpassed. I have already bought two such smartwatch L15, self I also A. This is now the third smartwatch. What I like most is the battery power of this watch. My smartwatch running already 22 days with permanent set monitoring, and I still have 30% battery!
    People that is the absolute hammer!!!
    Absolute recommended buy
    no remark

  33. A***v

    All the krutochych work as it should, the kit came complete as ordered. The quality of the watch is excellent, the phone is without problems. I really liked it. To Krasnoyarsk quickly arrived. Boldly I can recommend the seller

  34. U***e

    Good like am test then assess more accurately

  35. C***

    Excellent recommend 100% came fast great quality
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  36. H***r

    Thanks for the quick post. It arrived in 20 days. All accessories are included. I ordered it for my husband. I like it. 🙂
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  37. S***o

    Arrived within 20 days Top product as the description

  38. A***v

    It came to Len. OBL. 2 weeks, this company I order not the first time, keep up to 3 weeks, all the functions that work in the description, I recommend, for their money the pedometer is clear, time shows, pulse is correct)))
    no remark

  39. L***l

    Watch arrived in about 14 days, live presents up nicely.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  40. J***Q

    The watch is really well finished. The measurements look good. Superb object.

  41. A***j

    Very packed bn works bn
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  42. G***a

    Very happy good watch, it syncs fast. Very well comes with two bracelets and a tempered glass
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  43. M***i

    Cool Watch

  44. A***s

    Guys write their first review, first I fought with the seller, thought dynamite sent me later, I can tell you two hours not to be happy, I'll remove it further, the quality of the fire, if there is water to keep, then I definitely recommend, were on the Android clock thousands for 5-7 a long time, but there is no use for it. It's okay. Comparing with the Huawei band 5 bracelet, they were very pleased. I haven't compared the testimony yet.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  45. Y***v

    All perfectly charge keep weeks 3 Everything works

  46. V***h

    Excellent product in any way comparable to the description and photo, I recommend!

  47. H***m

    Very fast shipping! Recommend!

  48. I***n

    The clock is good, beautiful, 30 dials. delivery to Ryazan 10 days! But first the parcel was canceled, but I shoot the star!

  49. A***c


  50. A***a

    The watch just got. Not yet.
    But the seller is good. Sent fast. I put a small gift. The bracelet is female and the protective glass for the watch is very nice.

  51. M***o

    Very nice watch

  52. M***n


  53. J***l

    Smart watch Super. Screen clear and sharp. Notification of phone shows properly. Bracelet silicone very convenient, virtually no feel smart that is on hand. Światełko clear and useful. Very soon arrived to me. Highly recommend salesman and Sam Smart watch.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  54. R***m

    Works all as in the description

  55. E***a

    The watch came in the original box, well packed. Very light, the strap is pleasant to the touch. Includes an additional strap. We'll test how we work. Hope everything goes well. To the seller Thank you!!!

  56. R***z

    All according to the description of fast shipping

  57. Y***K


  58. R***a

    Excellent Product

  59. G***i

    Happy with my watch Thank you GadgetStage

  60. A***r

    5 weeks delivery. Hours of norms. Only the days of the week on the watch is not correct. Today Wednesday a shows Monday (((

  61. I***n

    L15 are awesome, in the photo L5, L15 and SG2, I can recommend all L15!!!! They are a plague, in the second photo comparison of lanterns L5 and L15
    no remarkno remark

  62. R***r

    Ordered a child, he is satisfied with everything, the order came quickly

  63. C***o

    Already bought several.. Love this watch L15 top .. Recommend product and seller. Friend still Enviu a beautiful gem Q My daughter loved.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  64. E***s


  65. R***l

    All ok, exellent product greetings.

  66. E***r

    This pimp and has 30 spheres to change

  67. N***t

    Before Borisov waited 34 days, packed well. The pedometer works somehow on its own. 30 watchfac's, but I would like more. In the measurement of ECG, pressure and the rest there is a small error with medical equipment. The flashlight perfectly shines, without words simple. The animation of the transitions and the slip is lame, I would like better. For their money in principle is not bad. Recommend
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  68. J***i

    So far I like it very much, and battery life seems very good
    no remarkno remark

  69. D***g

    watch looks good. very nice design.

  70. A***E

    I also like if the measurements, considered the price, I am not sure we are reliable
    no remarkno remark

  71. F***j

    Perfect! Great watch! Send super fast received in 16 days!! For now everything is top to do with time ….

  72. B***l

    Pretty watch fast delivery serious seller.

  73. U***a


  74. E***e

    I saw that opinions were good, but you 've outlived my expectations.
    It's awesome the whole clock itself. The flashlight a punch and gives a lot of light. Perfect. Great seller

  75. F***a

    Sent fast and excellent quality as the seller brand. Part of days of use and I'm happy. We need to try more but at the moment quality good price. The only thing the tracking app quite fails the connection and needs to be opened and closed quite a few times.

  76. J***e

    Excellent Product battery lasts 15 days arrive in 15 days

  77. A***a

    9 days from order to arrival in Murcia, perfect description of the item.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  78. J***k


  79. D***N

    Nice watch. Not yet found an app other than fitcloud pro to modify the dials. Relatively clear English instructions.

  80. F***n

    Very good watch, I demand a month to arrive. But I arrive.
    no remark

  81. J***o

    Very nice hope works well lack to try

  82. M***r

    Fast shipping, in padded envelope, in original box.
    Downloaded the app, it links fast.
    For now everything ok. I'll say something more about here for a while when I 've been there.
    no remarkno remark

  83. B***s

    Just like in the picture, I get super fast
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  84. D***z

    Super cool material, fast delivery, cool free shipping. Perfectly combines with Samsung, all ok works.
    no remarkno remark

  85. S***v


  86. F***o

    It has arrived fast and very well packed. The clock is good, easy to set and works well. Happy with the purchase.

  87. S***i

    Very speed merci
    no remarkno remark

  88. J***f


  89. J***z

    Excellent and very fast, I will leave New valuation after use, npoer the moment the impression is very good

  90. C***r

    Looks very good looking
    no remark

  91. R***n


  92. P***k

    Delivered in 2 wks to Poland.
    no remark

  93. G***a

    Arrived in 10 days super fast delivery I recommend

  94. A***K

    a little glitch downloading new screen dials , but apart from that it does everything it says it will, battery lasts quite a few days and overall design and screen colors are very nice
    no remark

  95. N***A

    So far everything works well, the product comes very fast to chile
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  96. A***z

    It's come super fast and it's very cool it looks good

  97. V***G

    Viskas liux

  98. D***9

    So nice

  99. V***a

    Thanks. Very good, very fast

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