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3 In 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand Watch

3 In 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand Watch 15W Fast Charging Dock Station For Earbuds Pro

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1. Ergonomic design, golden viewing angle, put down and charge wirelessly without restraint

2. Fully compatible

Support Apple Watch and Airpods and iPhone12.

iPhone12Pro. iPhone11Mate30Pro. Mate30. P30Pro

Samsung S10, S9, Mi 10, Mi 9, etc.

3. Foreign body detection and protection

If a metal foreign object is detected, the bottom indicator light flashes quickly.

Spontaneous error report, the charger will automatically stop charging for safety


Product Information:

Model: Car wireless charging stand

Input parameters: 9 (V)

Output parameters: 9 (V)

Type: wireless charging

Charging current: 2000 (mA)

Battery type: no battery

Indication function: with indication function

Interface: Micro USB

Color: business black, too blank


Size Information:


Weight: 428g (gross weight of the whole set) 294g (net weight)


Packing List:

Wireless charger*1

Charging Cable*1




Additional information

Weight 0,40 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 50 cm

Black, Black set, White, White set

31 reviews for 3 In 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand Watch

  1. B***b

    Produto excelente. O carregador do relógio, no entanto, não é integrado aos componentes do dockstation, mas é um componente apartado, que precisa ser ligado na tomada também.

  2. N***e

    It’s an excellent choice, I really like it!
    no remark

  3. D***k

    Быстрая доставка Новой Почтой по Украине. Хороший товар, качество на высоте. Нижняя платформа заряжает телефон (на магнитной стремно, он тяжеловат для неё или надо специальный чехол). У меня чехол поликарбонат, поэтому кладу на нижнюю. На магнитной айфон опознаёт как родную. Когда забираешь телефон включается подсветка, тоже интересная опция.

  4. m***r


  5. G***e

    livré rapidement, produit de haute qualité. compatible iphone mais pas samsung ( il faut que la coque soit en acier pour tenir dans le support).

    satisfait par le produit

  6. M***ğ

    alles super qualität ist gut

  7. A***d

    Arrived super fast!! Very happy with the quality and functionality. Recommended

  8. R***v

    Ware ist wie geschrieben. Bin sehr zufrieden. Mal sehen wie lange es hält. Zeit keine animation vom Magsafe Ladung !
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  9. g***r

    I’m kinda shocked that this device is so good. I have never ordered something more expensive (like this) so I was nervous about it, but everything is great. The package was a little damaged but the device is perfect, magsafe, QI and apple watch chargers are working, and the light is working great as well and it’s quite bright.

  10. T***p

    This is a cool charger that comes with powerful specs and a included charger to match the power needs for it. It is USB C and features semi RGB meaning it turns green around the base when it charges.The triple charging magnetic pad is as good as it gets with wireless charging pads. As the name suggests. the pad can charge three. devices simultaneously. However. the wireless charger triple Pad takes it a step further by including fast charging support. This means that you can charge compatible ( iPhone and yes other wireless charging phones work too) phones at up to 15W. while charging an additional phone or perhaps your wireless earphones on the second pad. It was able to charge my wireless headphones as well. This thing should be advertised to charge multiple things instead of just the iPhone.

  11. T***y

    I’m enjoying the 3 in 1 wireless charging station. It supports MagSafe which allows me to drop my phone on the charger magnetically with ease. The magnets are fairly strong. As soon as I attach my iPhone 13 Pro Max to the charger. it charges immediately. I don’t use a case with my phone so I’m not sure how well it will work with those who may use a case. The charger also charges my Apple Watch 7 and AirPods Pro. I saw some charging stations that will charge your Apple Watch. but they require you to use the cable and your Apple Watch charger to complete the setup. This charger has everything. It also came with a charging brick and USB.C cable. It has a soft rubberized material that covers the entire charger. The base could be a bit heavier. This would probably prevent it from moving around as you try to disengage your phone from the MagSafe magnets. However. I found a workaround. If I tilt the top of the phone forwards and tilt the bottom of the phone backwards at he same time. it’ll co

  12. D***o

    I’ll start this review off by saying that prior to buying this charging dock. I was using another charging dock that was already doing the job most of the time. but it was much bulkier and would randomly stop charging the Apple Watch from time to time. After using the new charging dock for the past 2 weeks. I’m glad with my decision to get a new one. So far. it seems to be more consistent with charging ALL of the devices and it’s much smaller compared to my old one.Overall. I really like this charging dock and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for one to charge all of their devices. The price is reasonable. the quality seems to be pretty good so far. and I haven’t had any of the devices stop charging randomly yet so it’s already a step up from the charging dock I was using before.

  13. S***i

    I bought this charger as a present to our middle daughter whom is a Special Education Teacher. She loves the fact that she can set her iPhone 12. EarBuds and I.watch to charge at her desk. at the perfect angle to be able to keep an eye on her phone. while still looking over her students. Her only complaint was that her Otterbox case is too thick for the magnets to hold. but she’s going to replace it with the silicone.style case. The charging for the earbuds is extremely quick. while the iPhone and watch seem to charge at the same rate as the Factory Apple chargers do. She also like the cool charging lights that can be disabled if need be. All in all. quite a nice 3 in 1 charger for the money.

  14. T***a

    This is my second attempt to buy a 3 in 1 wireless charger. The last one claimed it would work with Magsafe products and that the lights went out all night. Neither were true. This one worked perfectly right out of the box. I have an Otterbox Defender XT case for my iPhone 12 pro max. It is Magsafe compatible and it has worked flawlessly so far. The magnet is strong enough to hold the phone through the case and it has fully charged every morning when I wake up. I also have an iWatch 6 and that charges completely as well. I can’t attest to the Airpods since I don’t have a wireless version. The lights alert you that it has started charging and then they go off. so it is perfect for bedside charging. I couldn’t be happier with this charger.

  15. H***r

    Fast charging Nice looking 30 days testet and no problem

  16. E***n

    Качественная вещь! Пришла быстро, работает отлично! MagSafe заряжает быстро! Рекомендую!
    no remarkno remark

  17. S***a

    Todas as três cargas funcionam perfeitamente, a luz é muito agradável. Foi enviado rápido e chegou com menos de 1 mês no Brasil. Não fui taxada
    no remarkno remark

  18. S***L

    At this price point. this is an excellent charging solution if you’re looking to charge an iPhone 12 and an Apple Watch. There’s also a space on the base for charging anything else Qi enabled. I use that spot to charge my non Apple earbuds. The charging station looks good and works well. NOTE The phone charging pad is magnetic and will hold any variation of iPhone 12.

  19. J***B

    Fits all my products nicely. Holds my iPhone 12 Pro Max perfectly. unlike the others(the ones you have to put it sideways to charge). Definitely recommend this product to anyone who owns multiple MagSafe products. If you are looking to purchase a dock for your Apple products you will definitely not go wrong with this product.

  20. D***L

    I like the fact I could charge my iPhone 12. AirPod and Apple Watch at the same time. As it described. it charges all three items at the same time without any problems . Also. this product design is so modern and require minimum space. I staged the station on my nightstand and it looks totally nice.

  21. A***A

    Bought this recently. and it has all the chargers built.in and can be charged using the included charge 3.0 charging brick and usb.c cable. It also has the apple watch charger included in the stand. while other 3.in.1 chargers I’ve seen. ask for extra cabling to be added for the apple watch charger.Overall best bang for buck and you can charge your iphone 12 series with magsafe cases on it. along with your apple watch and airpods with wireless charging case. I love it..

  22. m***C

    As many folks in the Apple ECO.SYSTEM I had cables and chargers everywhere in the bedroom. This Stand streamlined cable management and opened up 2 outlets.I love having everything in one central location. Being able to turn off the Charging indicator is a huge plus when you place it bedside. I will be adding a 2nd one for the wife.This stand also allows you to charge your phone while watching in landscape mode which I do pretty regularly.

  23. M***n

    For the price. this is actually a pretty decent charger.I was looking for something that charged my AirPods. my iPhone 12 promax. and my Apple Watch. my phone seem to charge just fine. My AirPods also charged just fine on the base. Overall though. it’s a pretty nice little charging station for the price.

  24. A***y

    It’s a sturdy multiple charging station. It is light with full bottom grip so it doesn’t slide disrupting charge. I can FAST CHARGE not only my Apple Watch. iPhone and AirPods Pro at the same time. but also my iPad Pro all together in one place . I went from 4 cords off of an extension down to 1 in 1 outlet. For the iPad plug it’s charging cable in the back of charging station and that’s it . Absolutely love the charging speed. no clutter. no handful of wires just perfect for what I wanted and needed …..

  25. J***i

    I returned two chargers and canceled a third before finding this one. It’s one of the few Apple certified chargers. It actually uses an Apple charger for the watch. so it doesn’t drain your Watch battery. Also the charger for the AirPods gives you plenty of room so you don’t have to hunt for the perfect spot in order to get them to charge. The plastic used is high quality and the charger feels sturdy. The light on the front is dim enough not to disturb you while sleeping. I definitely recommend this charger it’s worth it to get rid of all the cables.

  26. w***W

    I’m loving my 3.in.1 Apple Charging Station. It helps clean up my night stand by removing wires and bulk. This simple clean lines station will house my magsafe iphone. mag watch and airpods pro. Each has their own home before I go to bed. I love everything including the high quality build of this station. If you have all three apple products. this is a must to complete that clean efficient look.

  27. T***y

    3.in.1 Apple Charging Station is an absolute Elegant solution . My old charger is flat and has a pop.up for the watch. making it difficult to see from bed. I was depending on my watch for the time while in bed (since the phone lays flat) but the way Apple does it. I still have to reach to wake the watch up before seeing the time. This stand raises the phone and watch chargers making it’s easier to see without having to sit.up. Now I can just let my watch charge and use my phone as the alarm clock. as I prefer. I have a different stand for the phone I could/was using. but this just makes it simpler and frees.up a plug.

  28. M***O

    Charges my iPhone. Apple Watch. and AirPods at once. Magsafe compatible for iPhone 12. charges at 7.5W. I like that you can turn off the flashing light so it doesn’t bother you at night.

  29. m***n

    Bought this to replace cable chargers as the port in the bottom of the phone no longer would support that after years of use. Although the overall look is a little modern for my 64 year old friend. the rubber/felt covered base and round pad that slides up and down for either portrait or a landscape charging view won him over. He does not use air pods or apple watch which can also be charged all 3 at one time but loves its one purpose of a full charge overnight.

  30. L***A

    So excited have this new wireless charger station. I can always manage my iphone. apple watch. and airpod all together. It charges my devices in proper way. I would totally recommend this as a gift to anyone you wan give to. love it.

  31. E***o

    I love how stylish this charger is. It was much sturdier than I anticipated. It is heavy weight. The cord is included. Other chargers I have used have required me to incorporate my own charging cord. Only one plug space is used in the wall to charge phone. watch and ear pods. Highly recommend.

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